• Mid term results

    As for the mid term of the project SCOOP delivers a highlight on key results. Supported by an extensive work on specification, progresses in the field of system validation are numerous. SCOOP partners are committed to transfer R&D results towards a pre-industrialisation process. Download the SCOOP’s key results presentation : SCOOP 4 pages - June 2017 (format pdf - 265.7 ko - (...)

  • The SCOOP specifications are available online !

    The functional specifications of the services, the list of standards used in the project and the technical specifications of the system and is components are available on this website, on the "Documentation" page.

  • French C-ITS use cases catalog

    New version of the French C-ITS use cases catalog available. It gathers functional descriptions from the main C-ITS French projects : SCOOP@F, C-ROADS France and InterCor