SCOOP Project : connected road and vehicle

The French vehicle manufacturers have sold their first connected cars !

publié le 21 mars 2018 (modifié le 13 avril 2018)
The French vehicle manufacturers have sold their first connected SCOOP cars

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SCOOP is a pilot project for the deployment of cooperative intelligent transport systems, i.e. systems based on the exchange of information between vehicles and between vehicles and roads. It aims at improving road safety for users and technical officer and at improving traffic management in order to contribute to emission reduction and develop tomorrow’s car.

The equipped vehicle are saloon car C4 and DS4 standards for PSA and Megane for Renault. This connected-vehicle are available for purchase, with no extra cost, at automobile dealership nearby each equipped road network.

Vehicles are equipped with sensors to detect events such as a slippery road, an emergency brake, etc. and with onboard units to transmit the information to vehicles behind (V2V) and to the road operator (V2I) through roadside units. The road operator can also transmit information (roadworks, etc.) to the vehicles through their onboard units (I2V).

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