General presentation

publié le 17 mai 2016 (modifié le 13 avril 2018)
General presentation of SCOOP project : connected road and cars

SCOOP is a pilot project for the deployment of cooperative intelligent transport systems, i.e. systems based on the exchange of information between vehicles and between vehicles and roads. Vehicles are equipped with sensors to detect events such as a slippery road, an emergency brake, etc. and with on-board units to transmit the information to vehicles behind (V2V) and to the road operator (V2I) through road side units. The road operator can also transmit information (roadworks, etc.) to the vehicles through their on board units (I2V).

SCOOP federates numerous public and private partners around the Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea, who acts as as coordinator : local authorities, road operators, car manufacturers PSA and Renault, universities and research institutes. Since January 2016, a telecom operator, a trust services provider and Austrian, Spanish and Portuguese partners have joined the project.

SCOOP aims at deploying 3000 vehicles over 2000 km of roads, on five sites : Ile-de-France, Paris-Strasbourg highway, Isère, the ring road of Bordeaux, Bretagne. These sites are characterized by a great diversity of road types (motorways, structuring roads in the metropolitan area, bi-directional interurban and local roads).

One of the objectives of SCOOP is to improve road safety, but also the security of the road maintenance agents who intervene on the roads for construction works and other maintenance operations.

That is why priority has been given to alert services such as road works warning, information about current interventions of road maintenance agents and on-board signalling of hazardous and dangerous events (end of queue, slippery road, animal on the road, accident, etc.).

The exchange of information between the vehicles and the infrastructure are based on ITS G5, a short-range communication technology designed for cooperative ITS.

In a second phase, new services will be specified and a hybrid ITS G5/cellular technology will be developed.

Project SCOOP can definitely be seen as a European project, as it benefits from a grant from the European Commission and will organize cross-tests with Austria, Spain and Portugal.