• SCOOP@F Final Event

    SCOOP is the only C-ITS deployment project in Europe built on a cooperation between road managers and car manufacturers, which faced all the challenges of real life : privacy, cybersecurity, industrial processes, calls for tenders, compliance audit, interoperability. Funded at 50% by the European Commission, into two parts (2014-2015 and 2016-2019), the project ends in December 2019. 6 (...)

  • Validation Tests for SCOOP@F wave 2

    Validation tests for SCOOP wave 2 were conducted in the last quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. SCOOP@F wave 1 tested and validated the C-ITS use cases using ITS G5 communication technology. SCOOP@F wave 2 focused on a hybrid communication technology, ITS G5 and cellular, and the development of new C-ITS use (...)

  • SCOOP Cross Tests : a key step for European interoperability

    Interoperability among different systems is the key to take full advantage of benefits that C-ITS based systems and applications can bring to the transport sector. Under this perspective, checking how interoperable is SCOOP@F system (...)

  • The French vehicle manufacturers have sold their first connected cars !

    Renault (Mégane) and PSA (C4 & DS4) henceforth commercialize SCOOP car, equipped with communication system dedicated to use cases in road security and traffic management. Vehicle sold with (...)

  • Mid term results

    As for the mid term of the project SCOOP delivers a highlight on key results. Supported by an extensive work on specification, progresses in the field of system validation are numerous. SCOOP partners are committed to transfer R&D results towards a pre-industrialisation process. Download the SCOOP’s key results presentation : SCOOP 4 pages - June 2017 (format pdf - 265.7 ko - (...)