SCOOP Cross Tests : a key step for European interoperability

publié le 3 janvier 2019 (modifié le 4 avril 2019)

Interoperability among different systems is the key to take full advantage of benefits that C-ITS based systems and applications can bring to the transport sector. Under this perspective, checking how interoperable is SCOOP@F system with other countries and existing C-ITS implementations is one of the major concerns of SCOOP@F. After a cross-check of technical specifications of the different countries, laboratory testing and open road tests were organized in 2018.

The objective of the Lab tests was to assure that no major constraints would be encountered during the open road test phase in terms of standards used for implementations. Following a conformance test approach, by means of logs exchange and participation at ETSI Plugtests, it was checked that all participants shared a common understanding of the ETSI standards followed for implementations.

This first on-road X-Test session took place in Vigo, Spain, on 10 Kilometers included in the permanent C-ITS corridor SISCOGA that lead from CTAG facilities, used as base camp for vehicle set up, to the Spain-Portugal border and the seamless 5 kilometers of Portuguese highway A3, creating a real cross-border scenario for this first SCOOP X-Test session on open road. Different scenarios were tested during this session. The main conclusion drawn from this session is that end-to-end interoperability among Spanish and French participants (both V2I and V2V) was validated.

The goal of this second session was to test security aspects of V2V and V2I communications : verify messages authentication and validate the trust chain. The X-Tests were held in the city of Reims, using University of Reims facilities as a base camp for the vehicle set up, brief and debrief sessions, and driving along A4 highway operated by SANEF, to perform the different scenarios. This session took place jointly with the InterCor PKI Security TestFest whose objective to check the use of different Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) and the authentication of messages sent from different ITS stations was aligned with the scope of the X-Tests activities within SCOOP project.

The goal of this third session was to keep on testing end-to-end interoperability among X-Test participants in a real environment involving security aspects for G5 based communication. Also, mitigation on Protected Communication Zones was tested. The location for this X-Test session was the Living Lab existing in Vienna, supported by AustriaTech and operated by ASFINAG together with industry partners Kapsch TrafficCom, Siemens and Swarco. HMI results obtained during test executions matched with what was expected according to the predefined event conditioning and no issues were detected dealing with security configuration when messages were in vehicle received. Therefore end-to-end interoperability was validated. Concerning protected zones (CAM based use case), messages were well interpreted as emission power was decreased in all the protected zones.
Full interoperability was demonstrated between France, Spain, Portugal, and Austria. French OEM (Renault SA and PSA) have successfully communicated with the infrastructure, by exchanging secured messages in the 3 foreign countries. Also, Spanish and Portuguese vehicles went in France and Austria and demonstrated full interoperability.